Knife Set Reviews and Kitchen Cutlery Information

Our site is full of knife set reviews of different types and brands of kitchen cutlery. We hope you’ll find it full of useful information on buying, using, and maintaining quality knives and related products. We don’t sell kitchen knives – we just research, test, and write about them. We only recommend those that we honestly believe are the best choices for our readers!
henckels knife block set
The Best Knife Block Sets
Our most highly recommended knife sets – starting at 6 pieces and going up. These all come standard in a wood block.
Shun Santoku Knife
Kitchen Knife Reviews
Looking for a single knife or one to add to your exisiting set? Need a specialty knife, or small set without a block? Check out these reviews.
pair of orange shopping bags
Where to Shop Online
We check online prices very frequently and only suggest the sites where you’ll get the best price and service.
electric knife sharpener
Knife Accessory Reviews
Knife sharpeners, cutting boards, and more! If it relates to kitchen cutlery but is not an actual “knife” look here.
mastering knife skills book
Recommended Reading
Want to learn basic knife skills? Or even professional chef techniques? These are some
of our favorite books.
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Articles and Guides
Learn more about using, cleaning and storing your knives. Plus extensive guides to the most popular knife brands.