Anolon Advanced 15-Piece Knife Block

Every Kitchen Deserves a Good Start

I remember my first kitchen. Actually, I remember the hodge podge of kitchen tools I had assembled more that I remember the tiny little apartment that housed them. Most of my tools were hand me downs from my mom and my sister, with a few new items that were college graduation presents. My knives were, at best, a safety hazard, and my Dad had given me an old fashioned whetstone for sharpening that I didn’t even know how to use properly.

Today’s new kitchens have a lot more options than I did. There are so many really good kitchen products at a moderate price point that even the most budget conscious cook can outfit their kitchen with tools that really work.

Kitchen cutlery is, in my opinion, one of the most important kitchen tools. Really good knives make prep work easier, help you create more beautiful dishes and make kitchen work go faster. They also make kitchen work safer because they have sturdier handles and sharper blades.

Buying kitchen cutlery in a set is a great way to save money. Normally, regardless of the brand of knives you buy, you can buy the set for far less than if you purchased each of the included knives individually. Every kitchen needs at least:

  • a chef’s knife
  • a bread knife
  • a paring knife
  • Kitchen shears

With these four kitchen tools, you can do most of what you need. Over time you can add the other basic tools, like a utility knife and specialty chopping and slicing knives.

What is in the Set?

I’m so impressed with this set of kitchen cutlery from Anolon. You can get your kitchen started in style with this set. It’s a fifteen piece set that includes everything I mentioned as necessary, and then some. You’ll get an

  • eight inch chef knife
  • eight inch bread knife
  • eight inch slicer
  • seven inch Santoku
  • five inch utility knife
  • 3.5 inch  paring knife
  • kitchen shears
  • 10 inch sharpening steel
  • six- 5 inch steak knives
  • Birch wood storage block that holds everything

A Set Like This Offer Lots of Options

Here are all the things you can do with this set of knives.

  • The chef’s knife is perfect for nearly any kitchen chore. The modern day chef’s knife is the more evolved version of the old fashioned butcher knife. It can be used for chopping, slicing, and disjointing large cuts of meat. If you only have one knife, this is the one.
  • Bread knives are used, of course, for slicing bread. They are perfectly designed for this task by having a serrated edge that allows you to cut through bread without mashing it.
  • Paring knives are used for peeling, coring and for slicing small items like fruit.
  • The Santoku knife is an Asian creation that has recently become very popular in the US. It looks much like a cleaver, but with a better balance and narrower blade. Santoku knives are designed for chopping, dicing and mincing, but have many other uses, too.
  • Slicing knives are designed for cutting meats, such as hams and roasts. They are also sometimes called carving knives.
  • Utility knives are larger than paring knives and smaller than chef’s knives. They can be used for nearly any kitchen chore, and are one of the most often used pieces of kitchen equipment. They are perfect for cutting cheese.
  • Kitchen shears are used for everything from cutting herbs to cutting up a chicken.

So, as you can see, with this set, you’ve got everything you need to prepare any kind of meal.

The Quality of Anolon

Anolon has been creating quality cookware since 1987, and they are known for making great products at reasonable prices. Their products are distributed by Meyer Corporation, the largest cookware company in the US.

This set of knives is incredibly sturdy, particularly for a knife set at this price point. The blades are German steel, which is very strong. German made knife blades are known for being well balanced, making cutting easy on the hands and arms, because it requires little pressure on the blade. The German steel blades also hold their edge for a long time, so frequent sharpening is not necessary. The blades have been ice hardened for durability and the edges have been glass finished, which gives the knife a sharper and more acute edge.

The handles on these knives are also quite impressive. They are made from Anolon’s SureGrip Santoprene. This material is soft and somewhat cushioned, so the knives are comfortable in the hand. But, this material also makes for a great grip, since the knife handle doesn’t slip in your hand.

The knives are beautifully constructed, with a full tang. This means that the blade is attached to the handle with a long narrow piece of steel that is inserted into the handle, running the entire length of the handle. This is a very important feature to look for when you buy knives, because it ensures that the blades don’t break off the knives.

A Great Value

The price on this set of knives is pretty unbelievable for all that you get. It’s a full set of knives for less than many good chef or Santoku knives cost alone.

Users of these knives reported that they came out of the box with a very sharp edge and kept their edge for a long time, which is exceptional for knives at this price point. To keep them in the best condition, you should hand wash them and keep them in the included storage block to help keep them sharp.

So, whether you’re in the market for a wedding gift, a graduation gift, or just trying to get a good basic set of kitchen knives for yourself; this set from Anolon is a great choice. All I can say is, “Man, I wish these knives had been around when I graduated from college”.

What is the Warranty?

Anolon knives carry a limited lifetime warranty, so you know that you can count on having them for a long time.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Amazon is THE  place to shop for this set.

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