Shun Ken Onion Chefs Knife

This is the Rock Star of Chef’s Knives – and we’re big fans!

Ken Onion is like the rock star among knife designers. He is Kershaw’s Premier knife designer. Onion makes his home in Hawaii and spends his days designing some of the world’s finest knives.

Ken Onion’s Story

Onion started his career in the US Marines, where he devised a helicopter mechanism that the military adopted for use. In 1989, he met knife maker Stanley Fujisaka, who taught him to make knives. A few years later he began working with Kershaw knives, creating an assisted opening mechanism called Speed Safe, for their knives. Onion now holds 36 patents on knives, knife mechanisms and knife designs. He is most known for the Speed Safe mechanism, which is now Kershaw’s signature.

Today, Onion’s custom knives are highly sought after collectibles. There are plenty of celebrities that collect Ken Onion knives, including:

  • Steven Tyler
  • Nicholas Cage
  • Stephen Seagal
  • Pamela Anderson

So, let me guess…..I’ve made you want to own a Ken Onion designed knife and I haven’t even told you about his kitchen cutlery yet!

While most of Onion’s knives are collectibles, he has recently made his foray into the world of kitchen cutlery by designing a line of knives for Shun.

Shun’s High Quality

Shun is also quite famous in the knife world. They are Japan’s premier cutlery manufacturer, and their business has grown more than 40 percent in the last five years, in part due to the recent popularity of Japanese kitchen knives. This is likely because, among those trendy Japanese kitchen knives, Shun’s are just about the best you can buy. They are one of the higher end Japanese cutlery lines, but they are well worth the investment.

Shun’s knives are some of the most durable in the industry. The blades have an extremely unique and long wearing design, and are said to be the sharpest knives out of the factory. They also have unique handles, with a “D” design that is said to reduce slippage of the knife and make it easier for smaller hands to handle.

So, it’s easy to see why the rock star of knife designs and the number one manufacturer of Japanese kitchen knives would team up. The result is a line of knives that might just be Shun’s best ever.

The 8″ Chef’s Knife

One of the most popular knives in Ken Onion’s Shun line is the 8 inch chef’s knife. Onion’s design on this knife is patent pending for its unique specially shaped handle and curved bolster. It is not only comfortable for the hand, but just holding it releases all the tension in your arms as you chop or slice. The knife actually feels like an extension of your own hand. The shape of the blade itself is different from other chef’s knives you’ve used. Its spine is scooped on the top and the edge is curved to make using a rocking motion easier when chopping.  The tip of the blade is slightly curved to make for easy scooping.

This is the perfect knife for serious kitchen work – you know, the seven course meal that you’re going to spend all day preparing. With this knife and a good chef’s mat under your feet, you’ll avoid much of the fatigue that comes from a long day in the kitchen. On the other hand, it will also be the first knife you go to when you are throwing together a last minute salad for dinner.

How are the made?

Onion designed this knife for maximum ergonomics and style. But it is manufactured under the stringent requirements of Shun. The blades are made from forged VG-10 stainless-steel at the core, and then covered in 16 layers of high carbon stainless steel on each side of the blade. This not only helps keep the sharp edge, but also ensures that the blade is strong, yet more flexible than most kitchen knives.

Onion’s unique handle is crafted from the same Pakkawood that Shun uses for all their knives. The wooden handle provides excellent comfort, and doesn’t get slippery, even when it is wet. But, it is just as durable as the polypropylene handles you find on other knives. And all Shun knives come with a lifetime warranty, so if you ever have a problem, it can be returned. Shun even offers free knife sharpening for the life of their knives. But, these knives hold an edge so well, that won’t happen very often.

Art or Knife? Both.

This is truly one of the most beautiful knives you’ll ever own. Though designed primarily for ergonomics, the shape of this knife makes it look like art. You wouldn’t dare store it in a drawer. Everyone who comes into your kitchen will want to hold it; trust me.

To further enhance how beautiful this art/knife is, it comes in a beautiful and unique wooden holder that shows off the blade. It suspends the knife just above its base, so that the blade is not dulled.

If you’re a serious cook or chef  – you need this knife. It is one of the most beautiful, durable and functional kitchen knives you can own. Once you have it, you’ll find that it is your “go to” knife for everything.

A Knife for the Serious Cook

This is not an inexpensive knife. But, it’s a great investment. You’ll never have to replace it and you’ll use it every single day, I promise (we both do!). In fact, you’ll probably come to dislike most of the other knives in your kitchen once you’ve grown accustomed to using this knife. Its motion is different and it feels different in your hand compared to standard kitchen knives. But, once you’ve gotten used to it; that’s the motion and feel you’ll desire when you as you chop and slice food.

If you’re only going to own one Shun kitchen knife; this is the one. Of course once you own this one, you’re going to want to invest in Ken Onion’s entire line of Shun knives, and quite possibly some of his collector knives, too. He truly is a master when it comes to knife design. And, with this line of knives, he’s proven that he can design just as well for the kitchen as he can for the collector. Ken Onion and Shun are truly a match made in cutlery heaven.

What Others are Saying:

Everyone should have one of these.

Best knife I ever saw or held in my hand.

I recomend this knife for anyone that is serious in the kitchen.

The Ken Onion/ Shun chef’s knife is truly a design and product marvel!

Best knife I’ve ever owned.

Where can I buy this Chefs Knife or other Ken Onion knives?

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