Guide To Wusthof Knives

Wusthof Cutlery: A Product Comparison

Wusthof Cutlery products offer quality and variety providing only the best knives. The company offers several complete knife sets that are suited to fit the very basics of cooking and eating needs as well as the needs of a master chef.

Best Sellers

Wusthof knives have a universal appeal. Naturally, block sets are sold to chefs and others who love to cook a variety of foods, but single knives and knife pairs are purchased frequently as well.

The Cook’s knife, Santoku knife, and the paring knife are most commonly purchased alone. The two piece starter set, which includes the cook’s and paring knives, as well as the steak knife set are frequently given as gifts for special occasions, such as weddings. Carving sets are popular presents as well.


Both the knife and scissor sharpeners have received great reviews overall because of the quality, ease of use, safety, and effectiveness of these products.

Styles of Wusthof Knives by Comparison

All of the Wusthof Cutley is designed for ergonomics and durability. The tools are all exceptionally sharp and forged with carbon steel, which is specially alloyed. The products are stainless and guaranteed. Each knife set has it’s own unique features as well.

The Classic Ikon (which black or crème synthetic handles) are made from tempered high carbon steel, which is very strong. The handles are made of synthetic material and are designed for comfort and control.

The Ikon line of cutlery is the finest set offered. The handles are made from African Blackwood, or Grenadill, which is one of the hardest types of wood available worldwide. The pieces are designed for excellent balance and a hygienic handle fit. This set is not fit for the dishwasher.

The Culinar knife set is comprised of stainless steel entirely. The design is sophisticated and the fit is seamless and hygienic.

The Classic line of knives are triple riveted and fashioned with tempered high carbon steel. The handles are triple riveted, so they are highly durable and secure. These blades have black synthetic handles.

The Le Cordon Bleu line of cutlery is a set of lighter blades and tools that was designed with the expertise of professionals at the outstanding culinary academy, Le Cordon Bleu. The Classic set is 30 percent heavier by comparison to this line. The Le Cordon Bleu knives are also triple riveted for strength and durability and these knives are remarkably sharp.

The Grand Prix II set is marked by its high ranking performance and bold, contemporary style. This set has amazing ergonomics and the tools are perfectly balanced for easy use.

Wusthof’s Gourmet line is cut with precision laser technology. The handles are full tang for all of the longer blades and these knives are very sharp. They are forged from chrom molybdenum vanadium (steel).

The Grand Prix II Colour sets are smaller and more specialized. There are four basic colors red, blue, green, and yellow. Each color represents the food that the tools are used for, making it simple to identify the purpose of each tool. Red is for meat, blue is for fish, green is for vegetables, and yellow is for poultry. Coordinating cutting boards are also available in the same colors.

Finally the Silverpoint line offers the quality of laser precision cuts and a sleek design with black handles.