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A very effective, super easy-to-use electric Knife Sharpener!

I love to cook. One of the most satisfying aspects of preparing food, in my opinion, is chopping ingredients quickly and precisely. When I first began learning how to cook, I used my mom’s old, outdated knives, which resulted in having to saw back and forth just to cut up a carrot or an onion. And forget cutting raw meats! It took forever just to trim the fat. This is obviously not a very efficient way of preparing food. I knew nothing about sharpening knives. I thought good, sharp knives were something professionals used. I had no clue that knives should be honed and sharpened again for proper use.

Now that I’m older and have invested in my own professional-grade knives, I’ve found that cooking is much quicker with these efficient tools. Of course, they are not quite as effective once they dull. I have a honing steel that I use each time I use my knives. But imagine my surprise when I found out that these are not actually for sharpening the blade! I set out to do a little research on the proper way to sharpen a knife, and found that the best choice for a non-professional who knows virtually nothing about knife sharpening seems to be an electric sharpener. During my research, I came across the Chef’s Choice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener, which is an invaluable tool that is actually quite affordable.

The Most Important Things to Look for When Buying
an Electric Knife Sharpener

There are several aspects to consider when you’re looking for the right knife sharpener:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Design and Staging
  • Compatibility with various types of knives

Knowing exactly what you need before you begin shopping is important.

The Most Durable and Highest Quality

There are several different choices when it comes to the type of sharpening agent:

  • Ceramic provides a sharp edge, but it’s fragile and breaks easily if dropped.
  • Steel quickly reshapes (or hones) the blade, but it does not sharpen.
  • Stone is the least expensive option, but it wears down very quickly.
  • Diamond provides a very sharp edge and does not wear down quickly.

The Chef’s Choice Trizor XV EdgeSelect uses diamond abrasives for sharpening. This removes metal to form a new edge on the blade. While most knives come from the factory with a 20 degree edge, this electric sharpener hones the edge to a precise 15 degrees.

Your Safety is of Utmost Importance!

Beginners are often wary of knife sharpening. Using a simple, manual sharpening stone takes longer and can be tiring. There is also more risk for injury, especially once your arm gets tired. An electric knife sharpener is the perfect solution to this issue. However, a lot of beginners don’t know the specific angle at which they should hold the blade. The Chef’s Choice Trizor XV has spring guides that adjust the angle automatically for proper sharpening. This helps cut down on injury–no pun intended!

Design and Staging

The best electric sharpeners have several slots for sharpening and honing. Steps for proper sharpening include:

  • sharpening, which entails making “burrs” or removing metal to form a brand new edge.
  • straightening the existing metal. This process doesn’t remove a significant amount of metal, but makes the edge finer and straighter.
  • stropping, which doesn’t alter the blade much, but polishes and hones more finely.

This particular model of Chef’s Choice sharpener has three slots for sharpening, honing, and stropping. It uses the aforementioned diamond abrasives and flexible stropping discs to do the job in considerably less time than sharpening by hand. Another great aspect is the size of this sharpener, which measures about 6”x12”x6”, making it compact enough to take up only a small amount of counter or cabinet space.

Universal Usage

Not every electric knife sharpener can do the job that this one can. The Chef’s Choice Trizor XV is compatible with American, European and Asian knives, whether they are straight-edged or serrated. What does this mean to you? This model should be the only type of sharpener you will need for your kitchen knives, whether the blade is thick, thin, serrated, or straight.

Won’t Such a Great, Professional Knife Sharpener Set Me Back Quite a Few Dollars?

Nope! You can find the Trizor XV on Amazon for under $150. Considering the fact that a lot of people just get rid of old, dull knives and buy new ones every few months of so, you may actually be saving money. And if you invest in really good knives, you’re going to need a great sharpener to keep them precise for best possible performance. You’ll probably pay less for the sharpener than the knives themselves!

How Much Use Will I Actually Get Out of This Product?

While a good knife should only need to be fully sharpened once every few months, you probably have a collection of different knives for different tasks, right? If you consider how many knives you have (chopping, paring, bread, cheese), you’re going to be getting a lot more use out of the Trizor XV than you originally thought. Most electric sharpeners should last you a few years before the abrasives wear out.

Is There a Warranty?

Yes. The Trizor XV comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

What Others Are Saying

The Trizor XV has an average of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. I searched the web and honestly could not find one single complaint about this product. Some of the comments on Amazon:

“I give this sharpener my ultimate endorsement”

“An impressive machine for the price”

“This thing rocks!”

“Really easy to use”

“By far the best sharpener I’ve owned”

“So happy with this product that I bought one for a friend”

Where Can I Buy the Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect?

You can buy the Trizor XV on Amazon, which has the lowest price I’ve found.

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