Shun Santoku Knife

Shun’s Santoku Marvel – the knife you need to own!

So, you have a favorite kitchen knife, right? There’s that one knife that you pick up for nearly everything you want to do, and you groan in irritation when that knife is dirty or your other half is already using it, forcing you to grab another knife. Well, I’m about to change your mind about the best knife in the kitchen. Once you try Shun’s Santoku hollow ground knife, it will be your “go to” knife in the kitchen.

Shun’s Reputation for Quality

First of all, you can’t go wrong with any Shun knife. They are some of the best kitchen knives you can buy, bar none. Shun has been making fine cutlery in Japan for 90 years, though they have really taken off in the US market in the last five years. Japanese knives have really become popular, and Shun has benefitted from this popularity more than most companies, because their knives are of such high quality.

Design and Construction

All of Shun’s knives have a unique design, which is part of what makes them so popular. Their handles are a “D” shape, which makes them fit small hands beautifully, makes them comfortable to work with and prevents the knife from slipping in your hand. The handles are crafted from beautiful black Pakkawood, giving them a gorgeous finish and also helping to keep them slip proof.

The blades on Shun knives are a work of art. They’re not only some of the most beautiful knife blades you’ll find, but some of the most durable, too. The blades are made from a core of forged VG-10 stainless-steel, and then covered in 16 layers of high carbon stainless steel on each side of the blade. This makes for a blade that is rugged and strong, yet flexible. The blades have a long tang, which means that the blade is connected to the knife by running almost completely through the handle. This ensures that your blade is never going to snap off the handle of the knife, like lesser quality knives are prone to do.

What is that weird edge?

When you look at this knife, you’ll immediately notice the scalloped edges on the bottom of the blade. These scallops are unique to Shun, and are referred to as a “Damascus style” blade. Damascus steel blades were originally used to create the swords used by Samurai warriors. They were very strong, but prone to rust. Shun’s blades of today, have the great look of Damascus steel, but without the inherent rust problems.

But, those scalloped edges aren’t just for aesthetics. They also do a great job of keeping the food from sticking to the knife as you cut. In addition, they help you cut really delicate foods without crushing or mashing them. This makes them perfect for:

  • soft mushrooms
  • marshmallows
  • ripe tomatoes

So, by now, I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced you that Shun knives should be a part of your kitchen. But, now let me tell you why you’ll love this particular knife.

The Santoku Knife Defined

The word Santoku means “three virtues” in Japanese. So, Santoku knives are designed to easily handle the three most common kitchen uses:

  • chopping,
  • dicing and
  • mincing.

But, you’re certain to find that you use it for slicing and other kitchen chores, too.

The design of a Santoku knife is meant to make chopping faster, easier and with less pressure from your hands and arms. For this reason, this knife might take a little getting used to. It is very sharp and requires almost no pressure to cut through even the toughest or thickest foods, so those new to the knife must be really careful. Though my mom always told me that it was easier to cut yourself on a dull knife than a sharp one, this knife is actually really easy to hurt yourself with if you inadvertently use too much pressure as you start to cut.

Why you need a Shun Santoku Knife in YOUR kitchen:

A Santoku knife is meant to be a sort of “all purpose” knife and it looks just a bit different than other kitchen knives because of this. It looks a lot like a cleaver, but with a narrower blade. Most Santoku knives have 5-7 inch blades. This particular knife has a seven inch blade.

The unique features of a Santoku knife combined with the unbelievable quality of knives made by Shun are why this is a knife you need to have in your kitchen. It will make you say “goodbye” to that knife you’re using all the time now.

Because Shun’s knives are crafted in Japan, they are designed to fit the small Asian hand. This makes them a perfect fit for most female cooks. Most women find then far less cumbersome than knives by many other manufacturers.

Great Options for Lefties

If you’re left handed, like me; it’s unlikely that you’ve ever had a knife that really suited your hand, though you may never have thought that there was a difference. But, once you handle a knife made for a left handed chef; you’ll get it. Shun gets it; their knives are available in a left hand version. Take it from a fellow leftie – you need a left handed knife.

A Knife You’ll Grow to Love

This knife, like all Shun knives is not cheap. In fact, it may be the highest priced single knife you’ve ever purchased. But, you’ll use it every time you cook, and you’ll never have to replace it. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and Shun will even sharpen it for you if you want. However, I recommend buying a sharpening steel to sharpen it yourself. I guarantee that, once you get used to having this knife at your disposal, you’re not going to want to be without it long enough to send it back to the factory for sharpening. Shun knives hold their edge better than almost any other knife on the market, so you will rarely need to sharpen it.

Can they go in the dishwasher?

Technically, Shun knives are dishwasher safe, but I’d seriously recommend that you plan to wash this knife by hand, and then put it away quickly to avoid anyone being hurt by it. It comes in a nice box, but you’d be wise to have a nice block slot to store it in, as the box is not very useful for long term storage. Shun makes a nice 11 slot bamboo block that will work well for storing this and your other kitchen knives.

Because you’ll never have to replace this knife, and because you’ll use it every day, it’s pretty easy to look at the price as an investment in your kitchen. And, once you’ve used this knife for a while, you’ll never regret the money you spent on it.

What others are saying:

Don’t just take our word for it. All the reviews we’ve found praise this knife. Here are some of the comments:

Almost no pressure is required to cut, just let the knife fall and it cuts all the way down to your board.

This is, quite simply, the finest blade you will ever own.

I have used many different brands of high-quality knives during the past 60 years. This is hands-down the finest knife I have ever used.

Feels great in your hand, weighty but not too heavy.

This is probably the best kitchen purchase I’ve made and the one I’m most proud of.

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