Shun Classic 6-Piece Knife Set

Shun – Japanese Tradition in Modern Kitchen Cutlery

There are few kitchen tools more important than your knives. If you’ve never had good kitchen knives, then you truly don’t know what you’re missing. Many, many cooks have been amazed when they finally got a really well balanced knife with a razor sharp blade for the first time. Suddenly, chopping and cutting is done with more comfort and ease, and the results are better than you ever imagined.

The Shun Classic Knife set is the winner of our “personal favorite” block set. I have this set – and currently my sister has this on her wedding registry – as she is ALWAYS borrowing from it (I really hope someone will get it for her!) Though I do also use my Ken Onion Chef’s Knife a lot- this set along with my Shun Santoku knife pretty much make up my current kitchen cutlery roster.

A Reputation for Quality

Shun is one of the most important Japanese cutlery companies. Over the last four or five years, they have seen a tremendous increase in popularity, as have many Japanese cutlery brands. Though they are pricier than many other cutlery sets, they are extremely long lasting and sharp. They have developed a reputation for being the best Japanese cutlery you can buy. And, when you think about how good Japanese knives typically are; you’ll agree that’s quite a feat.

Shun Knife Design

One of the best things about Shun knives are their handles. Their unique “D” shape is far more comfortable than most other knives. In addition, this shape is better suited to small hands than traditional knives, and prevents the knife from slipping in your hand. The handles are made from beautiful black Pakkawood, which is pretty unique. This blend of hardwood and veneer has the wood look you love and the durability of high end plastic.

When you combine all this with the fact that the knives come in both left and right handed versions; I’m pretty certain that you can’t find a more comfortable or safer knife to use, especially if you’re a woman.

Shun Classic Construction

The blades on these Shun knives are also quite impressive. They are made with a core of G-10 stainless steel, which is harder, less brittle, and more flexible than traditional steel. The outside of the blades are then clad with 16 layers of high carbon stainless steel on each side.

The high number of layers on these blades provides an impressive surface. The blade surface is made to be reminiscent of Damascus or pattern-forged steel, the kind once used for Samurai swords.

This patterning not only makes the knives beautiful, but also helps to ensure that they cut, rather than crush, delicate foods. You will really love these knives for soft mushrooms, delicate artichoke hearts and small pieces of fruit.

The solid construction of these knife blades helps them to keep a sharp edge for a long time. Right out of the box, you’ll notice the razor sharp blade. With proper care, this edge should remain sharp for longer than most knives. This particular set comes with a sharpening steel that will help keep the edge on. However, when they do need to be seriously sharpened, you can send them right back to the manufacturer (if you can bear to part with them). Shun is one of the few knife manufacturers that offers free lifetime sharpening.

The Shun Classic 6 piece set includes:

  • 8-inch chef’s knife – which you’ll probably use more than any other knife in your kitchen
  • 6 inch utility knife
  • 3.5 inch paring knife
  • kitchen shears
  • sharpening steel
  • Bamboo block

Though not everyone thinks of kitchen shears as a “must have” for starting out; once you’ve owned a good pair, you’ll wonder how you ever did without. There’s a bamboo block for storing them on your counter, in addition to that sharpening steel I mentioned.

Unfortunately, many of us work with inferior kitchen knives because of the expense of the really good stuff. But, once you’ve had a knife like a Shun, you’ll never use a cheap knife again if you can help it. This set of six knives from Shun is a great starter set that will provide any cook with the most important knives for any kitchen.

Knives for Serious Cooks

There’s no question that you can find less expensive knives out there. In fact, you can find larger sets of kitchen cutlery for less than this set. But, you’d be hard pressed to find better knives than Shun. Made in the Japanese tradition of very sharp blades designed to be easy to maneuver and comfortable for small hands, they’re the perfect choice for serious cooks who find themselves clumsy with bulkier knives.

It’s also difficult to find more beautiful knives than those made by Shun. Their wood handles and beautifully crafted blades make them art for your countertop. The bamboo storage block isn’t shabby either. (And, by the way, Shun chooses bamboo for those storage blocks because it’s a renewable resource; so they’re a company you can feel good about supporting.)

Why buy this Shun Set?

Good kitchen knives are a great investment. Japanese knives are very trendy right now, but they’re a trend you can believe in, since they’re so durable. This particular line of Shun knives is the most popular in the Shun line, because they are moderately priced compared to many others. They are just as durable as Shun’s more expensive knives, but lack a little of the aesthetic value that the really high end Shun knives hold. Still they’re quite beautiful.

When you get the opportunity to buy fine Japanese cutlery in a set like this, they are actually a great value. This set will give you everything you need to get started, and you can add specialty knives to your collection as you have the funds. Most home chefs collect their best knives over a period of years, choosing the right knives for their particular cooking needs.

Whether you choose them for a gift or for your own kitchen, you’ll feel good that you’re buying knives that will last a lifetime. In fact, Shun guarantees it.

What Others are Saying:

Shun knives are beautiful creations period.

Shun is the best!

Worth the money!

These knives are incredibly sharp.

These knives are the sharpest I’ve ever used. Well worth every penny!

Special Note to Lefties:

Shun does make all of these knives in a left-handed version. The sets are little harder to find than the individual  knives. If you are interested in a left-handed Shun Classic Set – please contact us. We will try to help you find an in-stock set at the best price.

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